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There are two distinct climbing seasons which are generally considered ideal to climb Kilimanjaro.


They are January through March and June through October

January-March is generally colder than June-October and there is a higher probability of encountering snow on the summit. For some this might be a negative, but the benefits of a January-March trek is that the slopes are often quieter at this time of the year. 


The June-October climbing season coincides with the summer holidays in Europe and North America and some routes can get quite busy during that time.


March, April and November are the wettest months in Tanzania and theoretically not ideal for climbing.


That said, the mountain creates its own weather and weather conditions can change rapidly at any time of the year. 


Therefore, it is necessary to be properly prepared for all weather conditions regardless of the time of the year you chose for your climb.

The chart below addresses the pros and cons of climbing within and outside of the two distinct climbing seasons.

January to March

The weather in the first few months after the short rainy season is generally warm and dry. Being "off season" and therefore relatively quiet, it is our preferred time to climb Kilimanjaro.

Dry and quiet

April and May

The long rainy season in  Tanzania normally occurs in April and May, although it has  become more unpredictable in recent years. If you don't mind the rain you can have the mountain pretty much to yourself. 

Long rainy season

June to early November

June to early November are the driest months for your Kilimanjaro climb. This means the mountain is very busy, especially from August through October. June, July and early November are a good compromise if a little rain does not deter you.

Dry but busy

November to


The short rainy season normally starts towards the back end of November and continues for 3-4 weeks. Generally rain is less persistent than during the main rains, hence this is a good  time to be on the mountain without the crowds.

Short rainy season

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