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Lake Eyasi Bushmen

The Hadzabe Bushmen, numbering around 1,000 in Tanzania, are the world’s last remaining hunter-gatherers living of the land. Inhabiting the scrubby bushland they use only bows and arrows and have no lasting impact on wildlife populations. Hadzabe men search for food alone, and return home with golden honey, sweet fruit, or hearty wild game when available. Women go out in large groups and forage for bright berries and baobab fruit, depending on availability. The Hadzabe don’t cut trees, don’t dig water holes and don’t ‘own’ things'. Instead they live in harmony with their environment.

The Datoga are highland Nilotic pastoralists dependent on their livestock and skilled blacksmiths – often trading their arrowheads with the Hadza in exchange for skins and honey.

A day visit with the Hadzabe and Datoga is an educational and fun experience and can be easily build into, or added on to any of our safari itineraries.  

Hadzabe Bushmen Tools
Datoga Bushmen

Hot Air Balloon above Serengeti

Starting at sunrise, enjoy being in your hot air balloon giving you a tranquil glide and an uninterrupted birds eye view of the wildlife and the endless plains of the Serengeti.

After landing enjoy  a champagne breakfast under the sweeping canopy of an acacia tree in the middle of the Serengeti plains "Out of Africa" style.

The balloon flight is available as an add-on for any of our Serengeti safaris.

$599 per guest
Local Moshi Adventures Balloon Safari
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